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Lesson #1 "Never Hit Your Dog" 

Home Protection


Professional Home Protection Training for Your Dog

Need to teach and train your pet to be a protection dog? All Breeds Dog Academy can help you by giving excellent home protection training to your dog. 

You can also get a fully trained Malinois or German shepherd from us. Trust your protection dog to protect your home and family from dangerous intruders. 

Protection Training Program for Your Dog

You have to keep in mind that not every dog can become a protection dog. Our experienced dog trainers will test your dog's ability and temperament to become a protection dog.

If the results are positive, we'll work hard to train your four-legged friend to become a reliable protection dog for your home and family.
For information on our home protection training services for your dog, visit us today!
"Doug worked miracles with our Sammy! He's generous with his time and a great teacher, as he coached us how to keep up the good habits and manners he taught our boxer."

 -Denise Dutton
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