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Lesson #1 "Never Hit Your Dog" 



Start Training Your Puppy Early

Trust the experienced dog training professionals at All Breeds Dog Academy to start the early training program for your puppy. Just relax and get ready for an exciting time with your puppy.

From training your adorable puppy to follow correction words as simple as "sit" and "heel" to helping it with proper socializing skills, we can help with a wide range of training programs for your puppy.

Choose Our Puppy Training Program

Your puppy is a bundle of joy and boundless energy. Enroll your puppy in our specialized puppy training programs. 

We train puppies as young as 3 months old in:
  • Crate training
  • House training
  • Learning simple commands like "heel, sit, stay, down or come"
  • Learning to obey the correction word "No"
  • Learning about naughty behavior like chewing up shoes

For information on our puppy training services, visit us today!
"If you're looking for a place that is going to train your dog properly, look no further than All Breeds Dog Academy. I have a 2-year old Doberman Pincher who didn't listen to me at all. Before the training I was unable to take him anywhere at all. Simple car rides were bad. Ever since the training, I have to say I am amazed about how far along my Dobie has come. I have only had him at home for a little over a month but I can tell a big difference. So if you're looking for a place to take your animal, take them here. Don't go anywhere else; you would just be wasting your money."

 -Camran Durham
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